I struggled to lose weight  for 10 years, I tried everything. Avena Originals helped me reset my digestion and elimination which has changed my life, losing weight was now easy where it felt impossible! I have lost 60lbs of pure body fat, while retaining all my muscle mass!

Between my husband and I, we lost 185lbs without exercise! Just by applying real food and nutrition through Avena Originals!

About eight years ago, my eye doctor told me that in five to ten years I would be blind. Now, he can hardly believe that my eyes are this good, he said he has never seen anyone with eyes as bad as mine ever get better.

My eyes keep changing for the better. I truly could not believe people could feel this good; because all of my life I have been sick.

At the age of 16, I suffered a trauma to my back that put me on a path of lifelong pain. What began as spasm turned into debilitating backaches, and eventually arthritis in my lower back. After 8 months on the product I was 80% improved. Avena’s products have literally made me a new person and I give God the glory for leading me to this healing tool!

I recently went to my doctor and am now officially no longer a diabetic. Off my medications for blood pressure, my polyps dissolved without surgery. It really has just helped give me the motivation to take my health to a whole new level!  I don’t plan on stopping here.