Thank you Avena for this wonderful gift of healthy skin!

I was pleasantly surprised to find, in using the Avena Skin Cream and Precious Oils on my face that my acne has been significantly reduced. I can’t wait to try more of the Avena products!

I’ve used many botanical conditioners this is the first natural product that I’ve been able to use long-term without any sensitivities. I absolutely love Avena’s Conditioners and totally love what it does for my hair!

I lecture across Canada, and the constant traveling is demanding on my body. In the first week of taking Avena’s Herbal Brilliance I saw differences that were hard to believe. My clarity improved dramatically, my focus and memory is one hundred times better. I won’t fly without this product now. Thank you Avena for changing and making my life so much smoother.

I’m incredibly impressed with the results I’m getting from Herbal Balance. I’ve always been prone to severe symptoms of imbalanced hormones. Since taking Herbal Balance I feel more emotionally and physically stable straight through the month. I won’t go a day without it!

I  have used many nutritional supplements from many companies since 1922, but nothing compares to the Avena products. They are, in my opinion, the best! I also feel that the health education and support provided by Avena Originals is second to none!

I have been struggling with hormonal migraines for about 30 years. I decided to experiment with Electric C and upped my intake to 5 grams (5,000 milligrams) a day. To my amazement, this took my migraines away! I have been using Electric C in this manner ever since. Most days I use about 2 tsp. If i feel a migraine coming on, then I increase the amount. Thank you Avena!

No other supplements can come close in naturally assisting the body to heal!

I no longer take ANY medications! I am now training for my next triathlon. Avena’s products products  have literally made me a new person and I give God the glory for leading me to these healing tools!

Since taking the Avena Enzymes I feel like I’m digesting my foods like when I was 18 years old!