One of my testimonials comes for a major parasite infection which was completely disabling! I had lost my mobility and ability to walk, the medical professional had no answers, naturopaths, homeopaths, and even bio feedback all showed I was very healthy. Yet I was crippled to crawling on my hands and knees.  Realizing I was losing a battle to parasites I quickly incorporated Avena Originals amazing Para Ease product as my secret weapon within 3 days I had all but won the war! I was walking, dancing but mostly jumping for Joy! to finish the job took about 6 months. but well worth it! >> Read my full testimonial here

In January of last year (2013) my wife and I were directing schools for pastors in Haiti. On January 7th I woke up all yellow.

My yellow colour and my big stomach was all the evidence he needed for his diagnosis. 

We still had 6 weeks of work to do in Haiti, We promised one of the doctors we would have a check in Providence near Boston where the Hospital confirmed that I had Pancreatic Cancer. When we got home to Kelowna they put a stint from my gall bladder to let the bile flow and then they drained 18 litres from my abdomen.

They wanted me to go to the cancer clinic and get chemo & radiation. I told the doctor I would be okay. We increased our Avena Originals products like, Enzymes, Herb Cocktail, Electric C, Toco, Probiotics. We went 100% raw living foods, Around March 22 a follow up appointment with my doctor, The blood tests showed that the cancer was almost gone.

>>Read my full story here.


Family 007After 23 years in helping build a very successful retail electronic family business – our lives ran into a Brick Wall….  Kathy my wife – was diagnosed with one of those so called – INCURRABLE DISEASES – LUPUS.    Like most of us – we quickly depended on our family doctor to help us out.  After many tests – needles and drugs – we heard these words from our Medical system.

We are sorry – but we cannot help you anymore – Go home and learn to live with Lupus – because Kathy – there is NO cure for Lupus. You will always have Lupus and you will die with Lupus.

I continued to see small improvements each and every week. It seemed like forever – but it was only eight months and Kathy was LUPUS FREE and living a vibrant- healthy life.


I used the probiotic on my cat after he went through 21 rounds of radiation therapy for a tumor. Vet specialists said ‘oh, they won’t help’. I ignored them and bombed my cat with them for 6 months. He pulled through, his health improved, he retained his sight and hearing. His radiation treatment was 7 years ago. Latest blood work shows he’s a healthy feline, with absolutely no issues. He will be 14 yrs old in March 2014.  The product is amazing.  Without a doubt, ALL pets should be on this product.  My Pepper Cat is testimonial to that. Thank You ! In my heart, I know these probiotic healed him.

My two dogs suffer from ear inflammation and are constantly itchy and hot. By spraying the colloidal silver a couple of times a day directly into their ears they stop scratching and the hotness disappears. Thank you Avena!

For the past 6 months my dog has been lethargic and uninterested in food. He slept most of the time and was not interested in playing at all. He was also overweight and seemed bloated. So I put him on the Avena Enzymes and Probiotic powder. He lost 12 pounds, his eyes no longer run, his fur is so shiny, he is alert and happy, and acts like a 5-year-old dog. He Loves his food and is hungry all the time. My vet is astounded at the health of my best friends. With great appreciation and thanks.

My two-year old purebred Bichon Frise absolutely loves the Avena Probiotics. We us it as treats. We add this to his water and sprinkle it on his food. I’m amazed with the improvement it has made in his personality, eliminations and his immunity. Thank you Avena!

Thank you Avena for this wonderful gift of healthy skin!

I was pleasantly surprised to find, in using the Avena Skin Cream and Precious Oils on my face that my acne has been significantly reduced. I can’t wait to try more of the Avena products!

I’ve used many botanical conditioners this is the first natural product that I’ve been able to use long-term without any sensitivities. I absolutely love Avena’s Conditioners and totally love what it does for my hair!