We have an eight-year-old son, who had been diagnosed with ADHD and could not sit still!
He struggled with school work, reading, and sitting for long car rides, which left the people in his life frustrated with him and the situation. Finally, we had a consult with Kameron at Avena Originals; he suggested focusing on his diet, and so we removed food dyes, processed sugar, and wheat. Kameron also suggested some key tools from Avena, one of them was E-Fusion and was a game changer for us!

We saw incredible improvements in a short time; he was able to sit and do an hours worth of work, enjoy long car rides, have full conversations together, and finally no more screaming matches.

Recently my husband was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and again the E-Fusion was a life saver! Using it three times per day we saw his blood sugar levels in the high teens to within normal ranges. We are so grateful for Avena and their commitment to education and the highest quality Natural
Health Products.

~ Leighton Family



When the passion you enjoy takes its toll on your body on a regular basis, you have to take note, step back and do what you can to ensure you can keep doing what you love, most especially if you’re above 40…or 35 or 10. That’s what exactly happened to Al Wilson when he found out the importance of nutrition and alkalinity truly was to keep him on the podium. When you’re a dad and husband being on top isn’t the most important thing, it’s family. It’s not just Al (the pro Motorcross racer) using the Avena products but the whole Wilson family! Ramping up a positive influence throughout the entire Wilson household with Avena, from faster recovery after workouts to reduced anxiety and worry. Overall this family has health at the core and building out from there, and this Avena family thinks that is just excellent!

A Trip to the Doctors

In February 2016 I went into the Doctors office as I was having an issue with my heart since November and thought it was time to have it checked out.

I had to go for a blood test which came back that my iron was deficient, my red blood cells were tiny, and thyroid was hyperactive. I was advised that these may be the reason that my heart was having issues.

So I decided to start cleaning up my liver and intestines. The Doctor then determined the heart was not the issue, so he tested my thyroid in June. I was still working on cleaning my liver and intestines when I was sent to an Endocrinologist in August.

A Graves Diagnosis

After looking at my charts, he gave me a diagnosis of Graves ’ disease and advised me that I would be on medication for the rest of my life and I required an additional blood test to determine needed dosage.  Had the blood work done in the same building and was called in a couple of days with the result that I did not have Graves’ disease!



So then I was given the diagnoses of Hashimoto’s. From August to December 2016 my family Doctor kept an eye on me with additional blood tests; just before Christmas the Doctor called to tell me that my last blood work results confirmed that my thyroid was not in working order!

January 4, 2017, I decided to eat raw as “Avena Originals” staff had challenged all of us to a 30-day challenge!

Thyroid Cancer
Received a call from the Endocrinologist two days later to confirm that I had Papillary Thyroid Cancer and my surgery will be scheduled sometime next week.
I advised him that I was going to hold off on the surgery and at that time he advised me over that phone call that  “I was going to die!”

Fighting Back with Avena Originals

In addition to eating 100% clean and raw, I immediately started taking 100 “Super Digestive Enzymes” and “1/2 bottle of powdered “Proteolytic Probiotics.”

In February the three “lumps” were tested and they had become smaller. I continued with the high Enzymes and Probiotics and scheduled a live blood test.


In April, and the technician advised that my blood was not showing any signs of cancer; however, what was interesting you could see where my cells were rebuilding/mending over.


Until the end of July, I was eating a 100% raw diet for 120 days; the diet changed to eating clean.  The number of Enzymes lowered from 100 to approx. 50 to 70 a day and Probiotics from ½ a container to 1/3 a day.

End of July 2017, I had now the results from the week before!  My family Doctor said “I do not know what to say, I am obligated to tell you to go for the surgery. However, it is clear that your treatment has worked.  Your heart is fine, your blood work is wonderful, and your ultrasound confirms that there is no activity.”  he agreed to wait and see, with no further tests or treatments.

~ Ruth Ball, Edmonton, AB

Living healthy throughout my 80’s

It’s truly an inspiration to see Elwood and his wife Betty, making their health a priority, and reaping the benefits.

” My PSA count was 14.1 and that needed to change.  Thought I would try Dr.Jensen recommendation of taking Avena’s Super Digestive Enzymes anywhere from 9-15 a day, and within 1 month my PSA count dropped to 5.5. I’m astounded, and excited that I can feel this good in my 80’s.”

Elwood Kirkpatrick

Robin Keenan photo

Facing the Surgeons Knife

For 25 years I struggled with Lumps and Bumps all over my body. In 2010 they cut several lumps from my thyroid, by 2015 I was experience more lumps forming on my thyroid, by 2016 surgery was required again, this time to remove my thyroid. Desperately wanting to avoid surgery!

I was introduced to Avena Originals, Avena taught me how I could heal myself. Within 3 MONTHS I went from almost having surgery, no thyroid and medication forevermore, to NO SURGERY, NO MEDICATION and a happy healthy thyroid!


Read full story here


~ Robyn Keenan, Medicine Hat, AB


Grai Beal

Beating the odds!

I suffered a very serious football injury and ripped apart all the muscles and 3 tendon’s in my shoulder; after extensive surgery, I was told I would not be able to lift weights for 8 months!  I was also supposed to keep it in a sling for 6 weeks.

Don’t Be Reactive, Be Proactive!

When I got home I took what I knew about enzymes and started following Avena’s Lifestyle 100%. I slammed Enzymes, I was doing 250 capsules every day. Within a couple days I was able to take the sling off, and start introducing small range of motions.  In as little as 3 weeks I was doing Lat pull downs in the gym. Which I was not supposed to be able to do for 8 months.

Today I have full range of motion in that shoulder and every expert surgeon told me with the surgeries I had done, I should NEVER have that range of motion again. I believe in Avena’s Enzymes, and the bodies a
mazing ability to heal!

I wouldn’t be Able to do what I do every day without Avena Originals supporting my body.

~Grai Beal, Coombs, BC, Canada


Dorian Van Rijsselberge

Olympic Gold Medalist

“Really into the smoothies here with the nice warmer weather. What amazes me is that it doesn’t really matter what you put in these shakes they always taste great!! As long as you got the base with the RP3 protein and the E-fusion! Loving it thanks!”


DID YOU KNOW? Dorian is training for this summers Olympic Summer games using Avena Originals Supplements? After finding a bag of RP3 he tracked us down and said where do I get this from, it is what I have been searching for!

The Perfect Storm

A living example of chemical poisoning.

Imagine a toxic body holding and balances chemicals, heavy metals and a host of other toxins in perfect balance. So perfect in fact I didn’t know anything was wrong. After starting a weight loss program, and dental work a storm was released in my body which overloaded my system and almost killed me!

My skin was deep beet red, burned, itched and was painful beyond words. No medical diagnosis was possible and I was sent home to live this way.

I attended an Avena Conference and began to learn about my health and decided to take my health into my own hands, through their products, knowledge and lifestyle changes I have fully recovered!

I urge you to read my entire story.

Wes Newman, Edmonton, AB



12 years ago I began feeling tired and my doctor did blood tests including TIBC, iron binding, and ferritin levels. Results were abnormal.
I was diagnosed with genetic hemachromatosis and I was sent to a hematologist and began the regime of going to the hospital every second week for 600 mls of blood removal, six sessions in all, to bring my ferritin level down to normal. I decided to call Avena to see if they knew anything further about this as I was already using the products. Avena suggested  it was a disorder in breaking down proteins and fats through the liver and such suggested higher amounts of the Super Digestive Enzymes with each meal and Protease and Lipase between each meal. I did this faithfully for four months and at my one year check up with the hematologist he couldn’t understand why my blood results and iron stores were still normal yet I had not had any more bloodletting done. Clearly Avena is not just a company that cares about the quality of their health supplements, but a company who personally cares for the people who use their products.
~Amahra Jaxen

Crazy or Crazy Good?!

As I reflect on the crazy adventure I embarked on merely thirty days ago, I wonder was I crazy or was it crazy good?!

I was tired, emotional, frustrated, depressed and lacking joy in my life. I was ready for change but realistically I had convinced myself this was the way it was going to be.

By now I have learnt more about our bodies, what we truly need to not only survive but to thrive and live a full life. I lost 42+ lbs but what I gained was truly profound peace, joy, excitement for life and a sense of raw living foods being the passage to healing and health. I am thankful that Kameron shared his knowledge and experiences with me in a way that made it real, easy to understand and manageable with my busy life.  >>Read My Full Story Here