Avena Symposium 2018

October 2018, Red Deer, Alberta

Avena Symposium 2018

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Photos from 2017 Symposium


The Following Topics were discussed .

The Avena Story

Why we are passionate about health and are approaching natural health in a unique, wonderful and uncommon way.

The Avena Experience

Avena has spent 25 years fine-tuning a lifestyle that is so powerful it is the #1 approach to self-healing and prevention. Learn the secrets of this lifestyle through first-hand knowledge.

100,000 Diseases, and no cures.

Did you know all 100,000 diseases are being caused by 1 problem, discover this problem, and what you can do prevent it!

The Missing Link

There has to be a common denominator among all these new diseases, there is and Avena will show you what it is and why we really need to understand it.

Power in Proteolytic’s

Learn why the word proteolytic is so powerful and why you absolutely need it in your Natural Health Products. If you are buying a probiotic without being proteolytic, your wasting your money.

Truth About Proteins

Protein is one of the most popular industries as it such an important macronutrient, but now is time to reassess everything you think you know about protein. Discover how to make protein work for a healthier you!

Real World Results

Interact with real people who are getting real results! Hear their stories and discover why they chose Avena Originals.

Raw Foods – Made Easy

Does raw food sound boring, difficult, and too time-consuming for you? Like most of us, we need an easy solution. Avena will show you hands-on, in real time how to make amazing Raw Foods that are efficient and convenient in today’s high demand lifestyles

You are being Poisoned!

This generation is being exposed to the worst levels of toxic food ingredient in recorded history, most of us know very little about the names on our food labels, Everyone must educate themselves on these unwanted food additives.

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Featuring Guest Speakers

Kameron Tarry

Vice President

Kameron Tarry was only 18 yrs old when he watched Lupus destroy his mother’s life, on the verge of death his family discovered information which gave their family hope, It was based on the root causes of disease and illness unlocking secret on how the body can naturally heal itself for any disease, fast forward 8 months and his mother is vibrantly healthy with no signs of Lupus or any Auto Immune symptoms. Kameron has for the last 20 years passionately studied, researching, and perfecting this knowledge into a lifestyle that is helping anyone with any issue improve their health and often recover naturally without the use of any drugs, surgeries or invasive treatments.

Kameron Tarry now 40 is the Vice President of Avena Originals, which is his family owned Alberta company, which is currently helping thousands of people apply the same lifestyle that saved his mother’s life. Avena Originals is filled with incredible inspiring stories of people recovering from the diseases where they felt hopeless and lost. Kameron Tarry has been public speaking for the last 3 years on these topics and is a professional facilitator of over a 12 dozen life-changing workshops.

His passion and desire to help people stand out in a crowd, you can truly tell his mothers experience left a huge impact on him and created a drive to provide hope, value, and guidance for people wanting to take control and Claim Their Health! Kameron truly believes that there is no incurable disease, only incurable people.

What would you do with double the amount of energy you have now, never get sick again and experience yourself growing younger in mind body and spirit every day? These are just a few of the wonderful benefits that the Avena Originals Experience is offering.


And more!