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Decoding Detoxification!

Decoding Detoxification.

Presented by Kameron Tarry, Executive Director of Avena Originals

Learn about Bowel Toxemia and why it is being considered the #1 cause behind all disease and sickness in North America.
Kameron is an expert on this field and has been teaching it for many years. He is fun to listen to and speaks in a way that is easy to understand.

Whats Wrong with our Health? CC|Feb 10,2015

Whats Wrong with Our Health?

Presented by Kameron Tarry, Executive Director of Avena Originals



Dr. Roger Gunderson – Benefits Of Ionic Formulations

Dr. Roger Gunderson – Benefits Of Ionic Formulations

Specializing in the fundamentals of nutrition, Dr. Gunderson focuses his studies on the delivery of key nutrients into the body through ionic nano particle absorption.

Revitalize 2014 – Healing from Lupus

Healing from Lupus the Story that began it all.

This is Mel Tarry President of Avena Originals recounting his testimonial on how his wife healed from Lupus and why Avena Originals exists today.

Revitalize 2014 – Kameron Tarry

Kameron Tarry – Live @ Revitalize 2014 Natural Health Conference

A live recording of Kameron Tarry at Revitalize 2014 discussing the Avena Originals product line.

Revitalize 2014 – Question & Answers (Open Mic)

Revitalize 2014 – Question & Answers (Open Mic)

Open Mic for questions and answers during Revitalize 2014 hosted by Avena Originals with Mel Tarry, Kameron Tarry & Phil Gaynor. Discussing Enzymes, Probiotics, E-Fusion and public’s health concerns.

A New Life Audio Intro

A New Life Documentary

Full DVD available for purchase at: http://avenaoriginals.com/educational-materials/newlife

Exploring The Cause of All Disease

Exploring the cause of all disease and the steps required to reverse it!

A Conference call August 11 2014 with Kameron Tarry from Avena Originals.

Exploring mind and body with Kameron Tarry

“I very much enjoyed Kam’s story as he talked about how he got into whole food nutrition and the reason being his mother was diagnosed with Lupus, after the medical profession didn’t have an answer for her health the family turned to the advice of cleaning up their diet and looking more to whole food.  You can hear Kam go into more details on the show.

When I first met Kam he welcomed me into their shop, showed me around the facility and all the while talked to me about wholefood.  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing for the most part, it was like he was saying everything that I believe in so I’m so happy we were able to book him on the show so you can hear from a different perspective how much whole food can improve your life.”

~Drew Taddia

Coconut Oil – Whats The Hype?