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The Avena Experience

Avena Originals is leading the industry today in approaching health as a full body holistic natural healing. Learn how people all over this world are improving their health, reversing years of aging and recovering from sickness & illness. It is more than the food you eat or the supplements you take though, This webinar will explore what it takes to have true health and freedom from disease in 2017. This Webinar introduces Avena’s five healing principles;


100,000 Diseases & No Cures

Our health is at the worst it has ever been, with young adults fighting and struggling with health issues no generation before ours has ever had to. 25 years of experience helping these individuals learn how to heal themselves has provided Avena Originals with a unique insight into what they believe is the root cause behind all of these diseases!

The One True Disease, responsible for over 100,000+ Diseases

The Missing Link

Unlock the incredible potential of natural healing with enzymes!

There is a link that is universally present in all diseases, believed to be a major contributing factor in every disease in the 21 century. Yet you hardly hear about enzymes, what they can do and how you can use them to empower your bodies natural and powerful ability to heal itself. Avena Originals is the leading enzyme brand on the marketing and with their unique expertise on enzymes, they are able to deliver education that is second to none!

The Missing Link to ALL disease!

Pleasurable Poisons 30min

What are you eating! Exposing the toxins and controversial ingredients in your food.

Are you aware that there is Paint Stripper in your Cheerios, or E-Coli waste in your diet food? What about the potentially harmful effects of food dye, msg, and many other ingredients. This webinar is designed to offer information and knowledge to make you a better label reader and help you navigate the sometimes difficult path to finding real food in your supermarkets.
Join us for a shocking experience!


The Power in Proteolytic Probiotics 30min

Not all probiotics are created equal, and many are not worth the money your spending.

Learn the importance of the types of strains in your probiotics, understand the difference and essential need of having quality strains as a higher priority than the quantity of CFU’s. Probiotics might just hold the secret to unlocking the future of natural health. Bring yourself up to speed on many of the newer findings in the world of probiotics.


The Truth About Proteins: 30min

No other species on this planet cooks its food! Do you know what happens if they did?

Heating proteins have a very real and damaging effect, discover the science behind it and why it is crucial for our health that we consume more raw protein sources.  Our animals get the same disease we do if they eat the same way we do.


Herb Cocktail: 25min – Whats The Hype?

Why it is the #1 selling product for more than 25 years!

We are discussing the reasons behind it, who benefits from using it, and the best practices to maximize your results.



Parasites – Tiny Trespassers 35min

90% of people are infected without knowing

These pesky little organisms thrive by living in or on our bodies. We are usually completely unaware that we have become a never-ending smorgasbord for a party we weren’t invited to.