Avena Symposium 2017

October 2017, Red Deer, Alberta

 Avena Symposium 2017

The Very Best in Natural Health Education

Upcoming Fall 2017

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 Bringing you today’s health information that you need to know!

Here is a sneak peak on some of the exciting topics we will be discussing.

The Avena Story

Why we are passionate about health, and are approaching natural health in a unique, wonderful and uncommon way.

The Avena Experience

Avena has spent 25 years fine tuning a lifestyle that is so powerful it is the #1 approach to self healing and prevention. Learn the secrets of this lifestyle through first hand knowledge.

 100,000 Diseases, and no cures.

Did you know all 100,000 diseases are being caused by 1 problem, discover this problem and what you can do prevent it.

The Missing Link

There has to be a common denominator among all these new diseases, there is and Avena will show you what it is and why we really need to understand it.

Power in Proteolytics

Learn why the word proteolytic is so
powerful and why you absolutely need it in your Natural Health Products.

Truth About Proteins

Protein is one of the most popular industries as it such an important macronutrient, but it is time to reassess everything you think you know about protein.

Sports nutrition

Heal faster, recover stronger, and prevent the more injuries. Hear it first hand from a few of our professional athletes how better nutrition plays a major factor in athletics.

Real World Results

Interact with real people who are getting real results! Hear their stories and discover why they chose Avena Originals.

Raw Foods – Made Easy

Does raw food sound boring, difficult, and too time consuming for you? Like most of us we need a easy solution. Avena will show you hands on, in real time how to make amazing Raw Foods that are efficient and convenient in today’s high demand lifestyles

Social Media

How to grow your business using Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. What does Referral Marketing look like today and why is Avena such an amazing hybrid.

NPN – The Good the Bad and The Ugly

There has been a lot of changes in the natural health industry, stay up to date with what is going on and where Avena sits among these new regulations.





Featuring Guest Speakers

Kameron Tarry

Vice President

Kameron witnessed a life changing experience when he watched his mother dramatically heal herself from a life threatening disease called Lupus, that was ravishing her health. She wasn’t likely to survive more than a few more weeks, when she heard about a healing lifestyle. Fast forward 6 months later, after embracing this lifestyle, she was back to work with no signs or symptoms of Lupus. Kameron has dedicated his last 20 years to understanding the power of this lifestyle and teaching it to others.

Come learn from one of the top experts in the Avena Experience lifestyle. Learn how you too can transform your health into what it was truly meant to be.

VIP speakers will be announced


And more!