Increasing Price Costs – Leading to Price Changes

Increasing Price Costs – Leading to Price Changes

Dear valued Avena customers, we’re going to share with you something that may not sound great at first, but it’s going to balance out. Many companies will tell you “we value our customers”.

This becomes a mantra that can be hard to believe, especially from large profit based corporations. The good news is, Avena is a family business and have been since the start.

We’re not a massive company selling to billions. Avena is a simple business that genuinely cares about our customers and members; just like one big family. We love having the ability to chat with you on the phone, in person or over email like old friends and really get to know each of you.

Our favourite part is hearing the good things, the news that you’re doing better. Or your neighbour tried our Herb Cocktail and loved it. Maybe you just finally got a full night’s sleep for the first time in forever. We absolutely believe that the results and the great work that’s happening in the Avena community are because of our products.

Next to our personal relationships with you is our commitment to quality and purity. This commitment over the last few years has had some back and forth movement. The raw cost of materials and ingredients combined with the increase in production have skyrocketed the price of each product.

Beyond this, each product has its own cost of testing, labelling and NPN requirements that should also be included in the price just to stock our shelves. Pairing these costs with the decline of the Canadian dollar, (and the coordinating increase in the American dollar) has put Avena in between a rock and a hard place.

We are raising our prices marginally, but we’re doing it for our members. We know our product is great and it needs to be in the hands of the people it can help the most, but to do that we’ve come to the tough choice of a price increase.

Never fear, this change we’re hoping will be temporary. As soon as the dollars come back to par and our production prices go down, all you faithful will be rewarded.

Thank you so much for sticking with us through these tough times. We all know that when the going gets hard, it’s your closest friends and family that get you through it. Avena has set the date of July 1st for these new prices to take effect.

Your support is appreciated

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