Protein – Considered The Key Macro Nutrient

Picture11Protein – Considered The Key Macro Nutrient

Nutritional Science provides a vast amount of research and educational materials on proteins, and have all agreed that it is vital to our survival and health!

For ages, we have relied on cooked or denatured products and supplements for our protein needs. Often they were predominantly comprised of soy, whey, creatine or isolated amino acids. This was the main thought process of the 70’s & 80 ’s but it is changing, because we are starting to recognize that the source matters.

Today we are seeing movement towards cleaner, easier to digest, RAW and Wholefood sources of protein. So you’re not just getting the protein but all the other components as well!

Avena Originals RP3 comes in on top for having the highest quantity per 100g, the highest quality of amino acids and enzyme enhancement built into the product.

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Why Whole Food Protein


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