What is the Difference Between the E-Fusion and RP3?

Picture11What is the Difference Between the E-Fusion and RP3?

First off, great question! What each of these two has in common (really all of our products) is the absolute commitment to product quality and integrity. Both are 100% raw and unprocessed with no extra additives, fillers, chemicals or solvents. Simply put, they’re just pure products of nature. Designed and crafted with the intention of increasing your quality of life—for the better! Our E-Fusion is a dynamic product that is designed to enhance your overall healthy lifestyle. Basically, it’s full of a little bit of everything to top up what you might be missing in your routine. This product is rich in antioxidants, so many we couldn’t put them all on the label – we’d run out of room. These will give you an amazing boost while at the same time providing just that little extra bit of proteins, vitamins and minerals.

When you consider our newest product the RP3 there is a noticeable change. Where the E-Fusion is about ‘across the board’ nutrition, with our RP3 we have focused on protein. This is amazingly a powerhouse when it comes to protein, loaded with enough that everyone will be happy. Plus, the RP3 comes in a variety of flavours, so you can find the one that best serves your palette or dietary desires. Oh, don’t worry the protein in this blend isn’t just for those body builders and weekend warriors. Protein is great for all muscles yes. But, don’t forget your heart and bowel are muscles-you need to feed them too. As well protein is fundamental for the production of hormones; great for those who have hormonal issues can benefit from RP3.

All in all to live a healthy life we need a balance in our protein intake as well as all other nutrients. Both the E-Fusion and RP3 deliver, but they do so for different reasons. If you can’t decide try both – you can even mix them together.










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