Enhanced Enzyme 10 oz is the Best Value!

Enzymes powder has drastically improved in quality, activity and by cost as well.

Enhanced Enzymes

Some of the information many of you are missing is there is now 780 Capsules worth in the 10 oz powder, compared to 550 capsules in the previous formula. This occurred since we are now formulating two different formula’s one for capsules and one for powder.

Previously it was one formula which was blended and split some for capsule and some for powder. This meant that beet fibre and rice bran were present in both products. We are now running a formula for capsules that has only beet fibre ( Much better than industry used Magnesium Sterate)  and the powder only has Rice Bran as a base.

The removal of the beet fibre from 10 oz of powder

We drastically increased the number of active enzymes per oz, previous you were getting 500 enzymes capsule worth in 10 oz, now you are getting 780 capsules worth that is 280 extra enzymes for $40.00 difference (180 Caps sells for $69.95)

If 500 capsules costs $139.95 that is $0.27/capsule

Then 780 Capsules should cost $210.60

Let’s do the math so you can see the new enzymes are cheaper than ever!

Previous formula 10 oz powder
$105 = 500 caps worth which = $0.21 each

New Enhanced Enzymes
$175 = 780 caps worth which = $0.22 each

WAIT! These enzymes are 3 times the strengthen than the previous formula so $0.22/3 = $0.07 per capsule when compared to the old formula!

You were paying $0.22 per enzyme capsule. Now you can pay $0.07 per enzyme capsule because you can use 1/3rd of the dosage, and get the same result. I don’t recommend people use less, I would rather people use the same and experience even better health!

Wait though there is even something more exciting to share with you, Avena is the company leading the industry is value and truly effective products, We are negotiated and improving manufacturing facilities to be more efficient, this means there is some really exciting news coming out about the Enzymes and their prices. I can’t spoil any secrets yet but stay tuned it will be announced mid December in the next newsletter!

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